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I was chatting , via email, with one of my friends who lives in London; a native English one, concerning England good plays in world cup 2018.

he wrote me:

"now we have two of the old guard in the last sixteen"

I don't know what it means? does it refer to England and Belgium who are in same group? Or does it refer to specific two teams who have reached last sixteen of the world cup?

Thanks a lot.
  • Barque

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    The "old guard" refers to people or entities who have traditionally been associated with something.

    Perhaps he was calling England and Belgium that because they have been reasonably strong footballing nations for quite some time and have played in multiple World Cups. Countries like Panama and Iceland wouldn't be considered part of the old guard.

    Uncle Jack

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    Belgium is unlikely as the other "old guard" team, and France is more likely, I would have thought. Spain and Argentina have now also qualified, who are probably also regarded as "old guard" teams, but not till after France and then England had qualified. There is no need for the two teams to have come from the same group.
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