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Hi, everybody!
When you American mentioned the word 'football', was it referred to the American football or both the American football and association football (soccer)? And the ball in the two different game called a football / a soccer ball or an American football / a soccer ball?

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    The game played with a spherical ball is called soccer in the US but is usually called football outside the USA. (The name soccer originated in England but is less frequently used there because football is the most used name for the game). The US call the ball a soccer ball, the rest of the world call it a football.

    The other game is called American football by people from outside the USA (to distinguish it from the game above), but simply called football within the US and the ball is not spherical and they call it a football.
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    miss sparkles

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    When Americans mention the word "football," they refer to American football, not soccer.

    And the ball used in football is called a football. A ball used in soccer is a soccer ball.
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