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What names do you have for football shoes? I'm talking here about shoes that are worn for playing football (soccer please, not American or Austrailian or Gaelic football, even though they might use the same shoes).

I call them soccer shoes; I call the shoes with little spikes or chunky studs on the bottom cleats (the spikes or studs themselves are also cleats). Other Americans may use different words, and I'd like to learn them. I'd also like to learn the names used in other regions.
  • Kelly B

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    In this part of the US (Northern east/central) the entire shoe is called a cleat if it has cleats/studs on the bottom. They're worn for soccer, baseball, and American football too, although you didn't want to know that. I suppose that if they were specialized but with no cleats, as for indoor soccer, I'd call them soccer shoes, but really, we'd probably just wear sneakers (trainers, to the BE speakers.)

    "Put on your cleats, dear, it's time to go to practice."


    I think anything worn on a sports' field/pitch with chunky studs (cleats) on it is termed a boot over here.

    Athletes in track and field wear 'spikes' - running shoes with thin spikes akin to what golfers wear.
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