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My son plays il calcio in Alzano Lombardo near Bergamo. His club's name is FC Alzano 1909 Virescit.

Does anyone know Virescit means or stands for? Perhaps it is Bergamasca?
  • Hi ngp
    Virescit is latin and it means "rinverdisce", something like "It grows green, it grows up again".

    Here's what I found googling:

    It comes from a latin expression, quoted by Nietzsche: "increscunt animi, virescit volnere virtus" (gli animi prendono vigore, il valore rinverdisce dalla ferita) = Free translation: Souls get strong, bravery turns green again thanks to the wounds.
    Before the final battle, ancients used to cry this out loud.

    But let's wait for other opinions...
    Ciao! :) Walnut
    "Viresco, is, virui, ere" is a Latin verb which means "to revive" (or literally "to grow green again"). Most oldest Italian footbal team adopted a Latin locution in their motto or name, just think of "Juventus" which is Latin for "youth". This case "virescit" is a 3rd singular person and means "(which) revives"