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I tried to respond to a previous thread and couldn't find in the dictionary or threads how to translate a football play or playbook. I couldn't help with Razzle-Dazzle much either, should you want to go help there.
  • Well, razzle-dazzle has been around as a term since, like, 1917, or something, when they decided to paint ships funny to make it hard for people to shoot at the navy. Because back then they had to find the stupid ships with binoculars, and then calculate the range by hand, the crazy patterns painted on the ships were supposed to mess people in the head.

    Little did they know that some cheeky guy would invent radar a few years later.

    But I guess the playbook, or The Playbook, in Dallas, can be expressed as "cuaderno de jugadas de fútbol americano".

    Or something like that…