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A game changer that comes to mind for me is Coach Hal Mumme. Coach Mumme was made fun of and bounced around from job to job, but he was able to take a few offensive football concepts that had been around since the 1950s and tweak them to his players' strengths. Now, almost every college and high school program in the nation runs some form of Coach Mumme's Air Raid Offence.

Can someone please explain to me what is a football program? Or generally a program in a sports context like this one?

Book: Unstoppable
Author: Dave Anderson

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    It is necessary to understand that the sport in question is American football, and that football teams and football games are very important to the sense of identity of many universities in the United States. A football program of that kind is the branch of the larger sports/athletics department of a school (and by "school" I include universities) which involves the school's football teams and the coaches, assistant coaches, athletics director, etc. involved in training and managing those teams.


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    In American English, "football program" refers to a school's football team and all the associated activities that go with it - the recruiting of players from lower levels, the practicing, the coaching, and all the other activities and traditions and people that are part of having a team ready to play.

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