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In the Russian part of our forum we are currently discussing two terms, rather specific terms, connected with football. Although I am an ardent fan, I cannot answer the questions posted for sure because, I repeat once again, the terms are too specific and should be explained first. The links to the corresponding threads are and <<...>> but they will not be helpful since some information is there in Russian:

1) The first term describes the situation when a footballer scores a goal from a free kick (not a penalty, but a free kick beyond the borders of the penalty area!!!) and he manages to direct the ball so that a wall consisting of the other team's players (who aim to prevent the ball from getting to the goal) does not cope with its task and the goalkeeper also fails to repulse (probably, this word is here unidiomatic) the ball or fix it with his hands.

How do you call it in English? To fling the wall over? To throw the wall over? To throw the ball over/across the wall?

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Thanks in advance

If you do not know these terms or have never heard them before, please, suggest any that sound fine and seem to you to be closest to what has been asked.
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  • Wayland

    These are only my ideas,there will no doubt be many more.

    1. The striker "curled it over the wall".

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    There is a movie named "bend it like Beckham". Is this close to what you mean

    (although I guess "bend it like Roberto Carlos" might be better?)
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