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I wonder how should the word "trade" be defined here in this sentence:

'He was surfing on this website for the latest football trades.'

Some say 'football trades' here means not the trading(buying or selling) of football, rather it means trading of the football players, or other words, the change in the football team members.

I am not sure whether it is so. Would you help me? Thank you.
  • Harry Batt

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    The "Some" people are correct. Football trades means trading, buying, selling or receiving or giving up draft choices.

    Some trades are simple, eg., the Packers trade a very good runner to the Giants for a quarterback. Some trades are complicated where players are traded to one team but that team sells the player to a third team for some high draft choices and the third team must give up a 325 pound lineman to the first team. Don't try to figure that out. It is too complicated.

    The Slippery Slide

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    Does football in this case mean soccer? If so, the correct phrase is "the latest football transfers". (I know the term is different in American football).

    By the way, surfing the internet is just clicking on websites with no real purpose. If you are actually searching for some particular thing, it's not really surfing.
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