Footprint drawing

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Alexander Perepechenov

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Russian - Russian Federation
I would be really grateful if someone could give me an insight on what the expression "a footprint drawing" means. Context: under contract terms, the Customer requests the Supplier to list the drawings for the equipment to be supplied. One of the items in that list is "footprint drawing". What could that be? :confused:

Thank you:)
  • dadane

    Senior Member
    I think this would be a dimensioned outline view from above. It seems they want to know how much floor-space the equipment will require so that they can fit it in.


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    English - US
    The term "footprint" is often used to mean space (floor, desk, table, whatever) occupied. One of the reasons I bought my printer was that it was described as having a "small footprint", meaning that it wouldn't take up as much space as some others.
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