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Hi there,
Lisa Wingate in her book the Story Keeper describes a cabin as follows:
"No doubt it had been built as a fisherman’s shack at some time in the past. The main footprint was no more than thirty by thirty."
It's obvious from the context that the cabin is very small. What does "thirty by thirty" describe? Are these feet? Because if yes, then one side of the cabin would be 9 metres and that would not be a small cabin :)
Can you help me with this?
Thank you!
  • sdgraham

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    Yes, it means feet and no, 30'x30' is not particularly "large" for a cabin where somebody sleeps, eats, cooks and presumably stores some equipment.

    (The one I stay in when I go to my fishing spot in the Canadian wilderness is larger than that.)


    Thank you, sdgraham, for your reply. :)
    Yes, you're right. I didn't take those things (cooking, storing equipment...) into consideration.
    Enjoy the stays in your cabin! :)
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