For a dancer, he's one hell of a detective.

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Pavel Pin

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what is the meaning of sentence?

Jimmy said this words to himself when Detective Joe dancing after killing Milo who trying to Kill Senator.

You know, for a dancer, he's one hell of a detective.

Source: The Last Boy Scout.
  • boozer

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    This is supposed to be funny. He says that his detective skills are similar to the detective skills a dancer would have. At the same time, dancers are not expected to have detective skills at all, so in a group of dancers he would be considered a great detective, since he does have some detective skills after all.

    Have I confused you even more? :)


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    English - US
    "For a dancer, ..." would normally be followed by some comment about his dancing. By following it about a comment about his detective work, he implies that there is nothing good to be said about his dancing.
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