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I know what is golf tee, but I didn't understand it's usage here.
If you served a well thought out Exit Strategy to the British ruling class on a platter, they might take it for a golf tee. They messed up the partition of India leading to a million deaths and the largest migration ever.
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    You can substitute verb "mistake" for "take". "Serve it to them on a platter" means give them a strategy (i.e., you make it easy, you do all the work, they don't even have to think about it). The golf tee reference means they're so stupid or incompetent that they wouldn't even realize what you were giving them. You could substitute some other object for "golf tee". The point is that a golf tee is a thing utterly unlike what you would be giving them.


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    What specifically are you struggling with? Try to explain where exactly you are getting confused and I'll try to explain it to you (more clearly).
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