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Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

Does the phrase "for a while" sound natural/correct in the examples I made below?

a. Don't wait for me. I won't be finished for a while.
b. Be patient because I won't be back for a while. I'm going to have to stay there for a long time. Maybe three years.
c. This party won't be over for a while. I think it will last two or three days. And I love it.

Meaning intended: will take a long time to be finished, to be back, to be over, etc.

Thank you in advance!
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    Yes, that's good. I think of "a while" as "a short while" – a few hours at most, in your contexts, although in other contexts, it can mean much longer: "It had been a while since we'd seen Jim ... not since he moved to Chicago about five years ago. So it was a surprise to see him back in town."
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