for ages

Janis Rainis

Scottish English

Using the construction "to search for something for ages", is it correct to say

"it's the thing you've been searching for for ages!"

or should there be a comma between the two 'fors'? ie:

"it's the thing you've been searching for, for ages!"
  • entangledbank

    Senior Member
    English - South-East England
    You'd be unlikely to use an intonation break between the two words. If there was one it would be a falling-rising tone on search-, rising up to the first for, indicating that there was more to come. I would, however, say this straight through with level intonation across 'searching for for', so I wouldn't use a comma. The 'for ages' isn't strongly separated from what goes before.

    It looks slightly odd without one, but we have to tolerate such things occasionally. 'I'll be coming in in half an hour.' 'That's the boy I gave my bicycle to to mind.'
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