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Hey guys, I'm working on my 1st year uni oral presentation and I'm trying to say this
(when I come back from lectures): "I study for an hour or two".
Aside from the fact that its a total lie, would this be ok:
я занимаюсь час-другой
or is that too informal? Could I just say:
я занимаюсь на час

Any other suggestions also welcome!!
Thanks. :)
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    На as a time reference means postverbal duration: the action of the verb is completed and remains so for the duration specified by the time reference, viewed as a state. So, «останови́ться на мину́ту», «уезжа́ть на ме́сяц», «заду́маться на вре́мя» but not :cross:«занима́ться/постоя́ть/ви́деть на час». For verbal duration, the Accusative is used.

    I wouldn't call your first variant too informal (probably the opposite), but it can be replaced by «о́коло ча́са», «где́-то час» or «часо́к(-другой)» (which would indeed be informal).
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