For black Friday


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I have seen a lot of American speakers use For black Friday, for example

A bought a new Jeans for black friday.

Shouldn't it be on black Friday?

  • dojibear

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    US English
    We use "on" for specific days: on Friday, on Monday, on January 15th. Nobody uses "for".

    We use "for" about associations: I got a present for my birthday. I decorated the house for Christmas.

    With clothing, we use "for" with the place we intend to wear it:
    She bought a lovely dress for her wedding.
    He got a new necktie for the party.

    A bought a new pair of Jeans for black friday.
    This sentence says that you bought new jeans (possibly before Black Friday) to wear on Black Friday.
    If that is not the intended meaning, the sentence is wrong.