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Hello, everyone!

Which should I use "for" or "in" in this sentence?
- This tendency can be found [for / in] these samples.

I think this sentence can be written as
"These samples have this tendency", and this would be more natural but if I dare to write it like the above sentence, it would be "in" because of "found"?

In addition, a certain "phenomenon" or something occurs [for / in] samples, which should I use?

Thank you very much
  • Franglais

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    IN these examples.

    IN samples.

    It's IN all the way!

    "For" means "on behalf of". The sentence would not work as well using "for".


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    "...and i'm going to use "in" in the report, of which has a very tight time schedule within which I must reach", sounds a bit better :)
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