for infinite


Colombian Spanish

I am just wondering if "for infinite" has a meaning.

Its a promotional parragraph about a game for a cellphone, here is the context:

The famed brick frenzy returns with endless challenges, dynamism, crazy shapes, power-ups, trendy settings & a 2 player mode! Technical innovations revolutionize the classic gameplay for infinite.

It might be a non complete parragraph as well... I appreciate any opinion or suggestion.

Regards :)
  • Muchisisisismas gracias, siempre será mas fácil hacer la busqueda en google de estos parrafos que están incompletos, yo me dediqué simplemente a buscarle sentido en los diccionarios, gracias por la pronta respuesta!!!
    But the difference is that as a native I know it doesn´t make sense so I google it quickly for context. For you it is much more difficult to tell. Your gut feeling though was that the phrase was not correct which is good.