for its part

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The traveler is carried in a chariot drawn by mares...For its part, the reference to mares has been the subject of a very different interpretations. For Gomezlobo...; A. H. Coxon believes that...(By Being, It Is, by Nestor Cordero)

What does "for its part" means? Does it mean "on its own"?
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    I would interpret the meaning of for its part to be "specifically" or "in particular." The sentence could be restated as "The reference to mares, in particular, has been the subject of very different interpretations."

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    This is presumably carried over from the common French academic figure of style that begins sentences with "Quant à ..." (or similarly "Concernant ..." etc.). It's not necessarily meaningless: it's used as a marker of an analytical breakdown when an author looks at a similar aspect of different groups/things/actors/etc., or the contributions of different groups/things/actors/etc. to some other common thing. Still, hard to reproduce in English.
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