... for my wife last weekend [without 'the' reason?]

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Tenacious Learner

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Hello teachers,
I think that we can't use 'the' in the following sentence, 'I made breakfast for my wife the last weekend'.
Could the reason be because 'last weekend' is already a definitive weekend, and it doesn't need the definite article? Is there a better reason?

Thanks in advance.
  • entangledbank

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    English - South-East England
    Something like that perhaps. Expressions like 'next week' and 'last month' are unique, in that they're relative to now, when I'm speaking, but add an article and the expressions like '(on) the next day' and '(spent) the next week' are relative to whatever time I'm speaking about: on Tuesday she did one thing and the next day (= Wednesday) she did another. But it's more a matter of idiom than logic.
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