for not the last time

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word gumshoe

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In ''Incarnations of burned children'' by David Foster Wallace, I have read the following passage, what does the red mean? Would someone paraphrase it?

their baby’s diaper burned
their hand and they saw where the real water’d fallen and pooled and
been burning their baby boy all this time while he screamed for them
to help him and they hadn’t, hadn’t thought and when they got it off
and saw the state of what was there the Mommy said their God’s first
name and grabbed the table to keep her feet while the father turned
away and threw a haymaker at the air of the kitchen and cursed both
himself and the world for not the last time while his child might now
have been sleeping if not for the rate of his breathing and the tiny
stricken motions of his hands in the air above where he lay
, hands the
size of a grown man’s thumb that had clutched the Daddy’s thumb in
the crib while he’d watched the Daddy’s mouth move in song
  • EStjarn

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    'For not the last time' is a variation of 'for the last time', which is a very common phrase. 'For not the last time' is simply the negation of that phrase, in other words, it was not the last time he cursed both himself and the world.

    (A Google Books preview of Wallace's book here.)
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