For now I am in Italy

Ilario Esparza

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Hi!! I am a beginner in japanese

how would you say this in japanese?

For now I'm in Italy

My attemp: Sorekara Watashi wa Itaria imasu.

  • papapa

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    Japan, Japanese
    How about,
    "(Sorekara) Watashi wa Ima Italia ni imasu."


    "Ni" is important and we can't omit it. It is equivalent to "in"( I'm in Italy).

    "Sorekara" is a conjunction and it means "by the way","In addition","also"...etc.
    "ima" means "right now".


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    First of all, "for now" should rather be "for the time being" in English.
    toriaezu itaria ni imasu
    is one option.
    Another one could be : 今のところ/さしあたり イタリアにいます (imanotokoro/sashiatari ).
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