for persons who are employed on the day of the entry into force of the Agreement the period specified shall run from that day


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could you help me with that? it comes from a agreement between two States
should i translate by
"Pour les personnes qui sont employees le jour de l entree en vigueur de l Accord la periode fixee devra commencer a partir de ce jour."

perio specified shall run... i am really not sure

thank you very much

by the way, can we say in french : " les deux Etats Contractuels", soit les deux etats concernes par cet accord juridique? in english it is "contracting states..."
many thanks
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    "Pour les personnes employées à la date de l'entrée en vigueur de l'Accord, la période déterminée commencera à compter de ce jour."

    There is a rule against asking 2 questions in the same post, so i won't answer the 2nd one except to say "no", or the whole thing will just go up in smoke! ;-)
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