for service is what you're gonna get

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Jeff Jacobs

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Captain Ellerby team spying on Frank Costello's business dealing with Chinamen:

ELLERBY: Search randomly for calls made from the area.
Phone Tech cop: Eight hundred and seven phones are live in this area.
ELLERBY: Then narrow the area.
LAZIO: What you see there for service is what you're gonna get.

What does it mean, "for service is what you're gonna get"?

He’s saying that if the area is made to be only on a tiny area where this Costello guy is, it will only pick up the signal of his phone service, instead of hundreds of others additionally, meaning they can track Costello’s phone call. I believe the service he mentioned is Costello’s phone service, as in his phone activity (or) which means that there is nothing suspicious or anything that somehow changes the result from what you're expecting. The "there for service" part indicates what exactly the thing that is not suspicious. ?

Source: The Departed 2006
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    It refers to the phrase what you see is what you get. Here I think it means that the impression you are currently seeing of what phone services are being provided is the best you will ever get. It is not possible to do further research to improve on this data.
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