for starters, at some point, that face starts talking

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The Big Bang Theory Season 06 Episode 03
Sheldon now hires a female assistant. Before the line below Penny tells Amy the assistant won't come on to Sheldon.

Amy: Oh, really? Look at this face (Shows Sheldon’s picture on Amy's iPhone to Penny. Actually looks a bit spooky to me.) How can any woman spend eight hours a day alone with this face and not fall in love with it?
Penny: Well, for starters, at some point, that face starts talking.

What does it mean? The static face photo on the phone certainly cannot talk.
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  • Mori.cze

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    The assistant is not spending 8 hrs a day with a photo, but with real Sheldon (whom Penny find unattractive (or unbearable) whenever he starts talking).


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    She is saying that he may look OK but when he talks XXX. I don't know exactly what she is implying - it could be that he is boring when he speaks, he has a strange accent / way of speaking, he rambles on for ever, his breath smells, etc., etc. You may know from the context?


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    Franco-filly: that is very clear from the context indeed:)

    (According to the wiki page Sheldon “displays an almost total lack of social skills[...] He exhibits highly idiosyncratic and narcissistic behavior and a general lack of humility or empathy”)


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    that face starts talking. = the person whose face that is starts talking.

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    The important thing is that Amy thinks Sheldon is very attractive, but Penny is certain that no other woman could possibly be attracted to Sheldon. Amy, who loves Sheldon, asks "would could not fall in love with that face?" Penny, who is often annoyed at Sheldon implies that as soon as he starts talking, any woman (except Amy) will be repulsed by him.
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