(For) Teaching, Administrative, Professional Posts


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Hello everyone!

I was surfing the internet, trying to find a job.
And I was on this page:http://www.per.cuhk.edu.hk/JobVacancies/tabid/57/Default.aspx
And I saw this "For Teaching, Administrative, Professional Posts ", which is a bottom that if you clink on, you'll be led to a page with some positions you can apply for.
It got me thinking. I thought if I were to create this webpage, I'd leave out the "for" and simply put "Teaching, Administrative, Professional Posts"

What do you think?
  • redgiant

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    I clicked on the first link and saw the headline become "Job Vacancies for Teaching, Administrative and Professional Posts". I guess the person who created this page might be expecting you to read the title "Job Vacancies" and then the text link "for Teaching, Administrative and Professional Posts" as a complete sentence. However, that applies to the first three links only.
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