for the godless?


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I'm reading a memoir, 'Bittersweet' written by Matt McAllester.

<Before dinner, I ran around Queen's Park, and the world felt full
of connections. For the godless, connectivity is about the only
meaning we can hope for.
Connections can feel like the legs of a stool,
keeping you up.>

This author is trying to say, 'For the world without God,
connectivity is the only thing we can rely on'???

What does this sentence mean?
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    Roughly paraphrasing: "For atheists, connectivity is the only deep spiritual experience you can expect to have."

    The godless are people without god. Meaning here means something like purpose; whereas the religious can find direction in life through their beliefs, those without religion can only find significance in the world itself.

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    "The godless" generally refers to atheists, as I think it does here. I think you can reasonably substitute "For atheists" for this phrase, or "For those who do not believe in god". Having no religious belief, "connectivity" is the only thing that can give meaning to ones life, is what I think he is saying. I presume he is speaking, indirectly, of himself.


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    I think 'godless' need not refer to atheists only. We can talk about a godless generation, for example, to refer to a generation which includes atheists, but also those who say they are Anglicans, Roman Catholics or whatever but don't think about God - in other words, those who are not godly.
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