for the great flint to come singing

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I cannot find what "flint" is in this passage of the poem Bushed written by Earle Birney:
And now he could only
bar himself in and wait
for the great flint to come singing into his heart

(here is a link to the entire poem:

I know that flint is "silex" in French, but I do not think that this translation is the right one here.
There are several singers named "Flint" but in the poem there is no capital letter so i don't think it refers to a name...

Could somebody enlighten me? :)

Thank you
  • Juliette25

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    I get it now, the flint refers to the "winds were shaping its peak to an arrowhead - poised" earlier in the poem, and implicitly to death. Thank you very very much! :)
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