For the last eight minutes


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Hola a todos,

Sólo para verificar si la oración que escribí es correcta.

Mi duda es en el uso del FOR.

i have not received any emails FOR the last 8 minutes

creo que lo correcto podría ser:

i have not received any emails IN the last 8 minutes

Agradecería además cualquier link que tengan acerca del uso del for
  • zebedee

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    I would use "for the last 8 minutes" and "in the next 8 minutes". ("In" for the future).

    For vs Since in time clauses

    For is for a period of time.
    Since is for a specific point in time.

    Eg: I've lived here for 10 years.
    I've lived here since 1994.
    I've been waiting for hours.
    I've been waiting since 6 o'clock.


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    You are right.

    the example "i've been waiting for hours" has a similar purpose to the sentence that im trying the express.

    thanks and regards,