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I have a friend, her name is Paula. She's a host of a local English club here. She went back to her home country Australia last year and since then I haven't heard of her. Both online and offline.

I wonder if the bold is right in my question "What happened for the last few months"? and ask her this (as a friend) to know what happened to her to show my feeling?

Thanks a lot
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    That sounds pretty good, Silver. I would only make a couple of small changes if I wrote this: What has happened (to you) in the last few months? If you want to be a little less direct, you might try: What has been going on over there in the last few months?

    You little ripper!

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    Another option might be, I haven’t heard from you in the last couple of months. Where have you been? The ‘been’ in that sentence doesn’t refer to her location (Australia), but to what she’s been up to.
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