for the Nazi nomenclature



I don't understand what "nomenclature" means in this sentence:

"In 1942, the Prussian Ministry of Justice turned the castle into a law school for the Nazi nomenclature."

Does it mean that it's a law school specializing in Nazi terminology? (It sounds strange to me. I don't know if there's really any law school like that.)

Thank you.
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    It's from an introduction of Cochem Castle in Germany.
    I googled and the information I found is that it once was turned into a law school, but nothing about the nomenclature.

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    Please provide a link to the text which contains that sentence.
    I googled it but was unable to find it.
    The closest I came was to the following sentence:
    In 1942, during the Nazi years, Ravené was forced to sell the family castle to the Prussian Ministry of Justice, which turned it into a law school run by the Nazi government. Source
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