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Dear friends
What's meant by "for the nobility" in the following context from "The History of Bees" by Maja Lunde and translated to English by Diane Oatley:
"Anyway. His name suited him, this Wildman. What he was doing was like Russian roulette, putting all the bees on him like that and pretending he had complete control over them, a kind of magic. While the only thing he actually did was conjure up an artificial swarming. Overfed them with syrup and took out the queen. And Wherever the queen is, the bees are, too."
"His father worked with something similar, by the way. Thomas Wildman. But in time he became a respectable beekeeper, among other things, for the nobility."
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    Thank you very much dear London calling. Yes, of course. I wonder why I couldn't see that and went for something more complicated. Thanks again.
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