For the sake of sanity

  • curlyboy20

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    Peruvian Spanish.
    Thank you. It basically means that there will be many dissapointments and disruptions in life and they are to be expected, otherwise you will go insane (crazy).

    "For the sake (of something/someone)" means to do something in regards to/concerning that "something/someone"

    "For the sake of clarity, please use proper punctiation and spelling". In other words, correct spelling and punctiation need to be used for something to be clear.

    Does this make sense?


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    British English
    If you want idiomatic phrases for losing ones' sanity you could use "losing ones' marbles", going mad, going insane. For the second part of the sentence you could make it more simple by not having a double negative. It would be more simple if you said " should expect some serious disappointment and disruptions in your schedule.
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