1. englishfreak Senior Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    Hi! I know "for the sake of" means "por el bien de", but I am in the middle of a very dense article, and I can no longer think. If anyone could help? This is it:

    "the story is told largely for its own sake" (it means that there are no ulterior motives mostly after the writing of that kind of story- no teachings, it does not try to moralize and that stuff)

    So, how do I go for "for its own sake"?
    Thanks so much, guys!!!
  2. bardos

    bardos Senior Member

    english andalucía

    la historia se cuenta por contarla...
  3. englishfreak Senior Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    thanks so much! I am going to check how does that match with the frame, thanks again!

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