For those I love I will sacrifice

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    I have a friend that would like to translate the phrase "For those I love I will sacrifice". (He's Catholic and Army so this desire makes a lot of sense).

    I don't think that the exact words here are what is most important so much as the meaning. (For instance, I'm sure that "I will sacrifice for my loved ones" or "I will sacrifice for those I love" will perform the same duty here as the original phrase).

    I have "illis quos amo deserviam" but I am not sure that this is most correct.

    Is "Quos ego diligo in sacrificium" too literal of a translation in this case?

    Thank you so much for any assistance.
  2. relativamente Senior Member

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    "illis quos amo deserviam" is correct Latin but means you are prepared to serve them not to sacrifice yourself
    "Quos ego diligo in sacrificium" is not a full sentence.Diligo is the verb of the subordinate but there is not a proper main clause
    My suggestion
    "eorum quos amo causa me ipsum sacrificabo"
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    Australia, Cantonese
    Or, straight from John:

    Majorem hac dilectionem nemo habet,
    ut animam suam ponat qui pro amicis suis.
  4. SomewhereInOhio New Member

    All of this is extremely helpful, thank you so very much. I am quite appreciative.
  5. Scholiast

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    And another suggestion:

    quos amo, eis me devovebo


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