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Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by hashamyim, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Hello All,
    I am writing my university thesis and would love to include a dedication in Polish for my friends who have helped me greatly, but I don't speak Polish :-(
    Would anyone be willing to translate the text 'For those who helped along the way...' into Polish for me? I would be very grateful!
    Kind regards,
  2. dreamlike

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    Isn't that part of a larger chunk of text? If that's all you need, here you go:

    Dla tych, którzy pomogli mi po drodze...
  3. hashamyim Member

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    That's fantastic, thanks! The text is just a one-sentence note :)
  4. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    Actually, having given it some thought, I think that my initial translation may be too literal, Hashamyim.

    I'd now suggest 'Dla tych, którzy pomogli mi w tworzeniu mojej pracy...' which translates into English as 'For those who helped me in the making of my work...'.

    Please tell us what comes after the three dots and how will your acknowledgements look like on paper in general. I've seen people in some other threads started by you having similar doubts to mine.
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  5. hashamyim Member

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    Hey dreamlike,

    To be honest, the three dotes are just a bit stylistic nonsense. The sentence itself is 'For those who helped along the way.'

    It will just be a standalone sentence on the inner title-page of my thesis - maybe the 'along the way' part could just be left out?
  6. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    Yes, you could simply write "Dla tych, którzy mi pomogli." (For those who helped me). :)

    Note that in Polish the part "This book is dedicated..." is implied, which I suppose is the case with the English sentence as well, because 'For those...' doesn't mean too much to me on its own.
  7. Agiii

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    "W podziękowaniu za okazaną pomoc" would do too.
    It's the most standard version I would think.
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