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Ciao a tutti.
Sto traducendo un articolo preso da una rivista per il settore farmaceutico e mi sono ritrovata di fronte a una frase che non riesco proprio a tradurre in italiano. Non riesco proprio a darle un senso!

Ve la riporto qui sotto con un po' di contesto:

"Callus induction and subcultivation was carried out according to standard protocols. Incorporation of the dedifferentiated cells in an appropriate liquid media, homogenisation of the cells in suspension and continuous characterisation of the cell suspension was also carried out according to standard procedures. For up-scaling, 10% of the next larger culture volume of a fully grown cell suspension was used as inoculum."

Spero che mi possiate aiutare! Grazie in anticipo.
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    Hi Pittu :),
    when one is dealing with some cell's cultivation (in your case it's the plant cells culture?) he usually moves from the laboratory scale to the commercial scale of cell's production (scale-up To take a biopharmaceutical manufacturing process from the laboratory scale to a scale at which it is commercially feasible)
    It means that first he is growing his culture in a test-tube, then in a flask, then in the fermenter of the larger and larger volume (and every time he transfers some part of the grown material from the smaller volume to the larger one as "seeds"). When he has grown up his culture in a small fermenter and wants to increase the scale of cultivation, he takes a part of the grown material to introduce cells into the fresh medium in the larger fermenter. The optimal volume of inoculum (material (usually cells) introduced into a culture medium) here is about 10% of the new (larger) volume. So if you want to make an up-scaling from 5 liter fermenter to 10 liter fermenter you should take 1 liter of mature (fully-grown cells) from the small fermenter as inoculum and put it into 10 liter of fresh medium in a larger fermenter (BTW it's a strict rule for hybridoms: you should put no less then 10% of new (larger) volume into the next fermenter; if it's less the cells wouldn't grow well)
    In Italian????
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