for us to (infinitive)

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French - Canada
I had to write a sentence using some ideas, being : "received your order", and "goods sent today".

I came up with : We received your order on time for us to send the goods today.

My teacher said the syntax was incorrect, and said I could have wrote "... on time for sending the goods today" instead.

What do you think?
  • Kelly B

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    USA English
    That segment of your sentence is fine, in fact I prefer it over your teacher's version.

    (received on time for sounds wrong to me here, but that's a subject for another thread)

    Jim in Phila

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    American English
    Your version sounds fine to me. I would have written in time (= before a time limit expires; "in time" sounds like the receiver almost missed the time for shipping. A few minutes later and it would have been too late for you to ship the product). Your teacher's version eliminates for us, maybe to "save words," that is, to cut unnecessary words and to speed up the reading of the sentence. But it's just another way of expressing the same idea.


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    welcome to the forum mpbouchama . Yes - "in time" means sufficiently early whereas "on time" means at the appropriate time. Apart from that your teacher has "corrected" your version by making it worse. :D


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    As you are probably going to show this to your teacher, may I add "come on, teach', it sometimes feels good to admit one's human mistake, sed perseverare all the more diabolicum est". :D
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