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Please explain to me the use of preposition "for and "of" in the following:
Department of Health but
Department for Pension and Work
BCCI-Board of control for cricket in India
If we say Board for control of Cricket in India, does it sound logical and grammatically correct?
What meaning of "of and for" we can use in the above three examples?
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    I'm afraid that as far as the naming of British government departments is concerned, there's no obvious logic that I can detect as to whether they use 'of' or 'for': it's whatever the government of the day chooses to call them.

    That said, there does seem to have been a trend in recent years to use 'for', which I suppose equates to the meaning of something like for the purpose of, but I've really no idea how overseas organizations choose their name.


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    Are "Board of control for cricket in India" or "Board for control of cricket in India" both grammatically correct and equivalent? Thank you for your help.
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