For what concern or concerns?


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Which is correct : for what concern or concerns transport and insurance costs,please arrange them to our charge.

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    Salve Dancinglonely,
    as far as I'm aware neither...
    - costs regarding/concerning transport and insurance should be charged to us
    - please arrange to have costs regarding/concerning transport and insurance charged to us.
    Hope I've understood...


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    so it's for what concerns transport and insurance costs ... and not THE transport and insurance costs,right? but I think we can say also concerning the transport and insurance costs... right?!


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    It is not correct to say *For what concerns X. You can say:
    Concerning X,
    As far as X is concerned,
    Regarding X,
    With regard to X,
    With reference to X,
    As for X,
    As to X,

    or (more colloquially) As far as X goes.

    Applying those to Dancinglonely's example, I would say As far as transport and insurance costs are concerned, please charge them to us.
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