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  1. ommporto New Member

    Hi forum,

    I've been studying German for less than 2 months. I've been writing an essay as my homework. I would like to know how do you say for example "I have stopped smoking for 5 days and counting."

    My guess is "Ich habe mit dem Rauchen aufgehört für 5 Tage und zählend".

    I'm sorry I am making a fool of myself:p. So what is the correct way to say it?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. manfy Senior Member

    German - Austria
    Quitted? Seriously??
    Ah well, I guess such minor flaws can be forgiven, since you quit smoking just 5 days proves that nicotine deprevation has its downsides, too! ;)

    "x days and counting" sounds like a specific English phrase. I can't think of any good equivalent in German; better wait for other answers.

    "für 5 Tage" sounds strange in German, I'd prefer:
    "Ich habe vor 5 Tagen mit dem Rauchen aufgehört."
    "Ich habe mit dem Rauchen aufgehört - schon 5 Tage!" (this emphasizes the fact of the 5 days a bit more).
  3. ommporto New Member

    And I've been substituting ice-cream for nicotine for all my waking hours. Maybe the cold has permanately damaged my brain.

    I think I'll go with "Ich habe mit dem Rauchen aufgehört - schon 5 Tage!". Thanks for your help!
  4. perpend

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    American English
    I wouldn't recommend that, even as a non-native speaker.

    manfy's "Ich habe vor 5 Tagen mit dem Rauchen aufgehört" is idiomatic.

    Eventuell: Ich bin jetzt seit fünf Tagen Nikotin-frei.
  5. Perseas Senior Member

    Vielleicht: Füng Tage habe ich schon ohne Rauchen ausgehalten.

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