for years to come vs in years to come


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I was reading an article.
Woodside expects low oil prices for years to come
Mr Coleman also clarified that the opening of an LNG marketing office in Singapore last year was in no way linked to transfer pricing or tax ...
What is the difference if we use in years to come? Do they both mean same?
  • SReynolds

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    For years to come is correct, in the years to come can also work, albeit with a different meaning.

    The title says that according to Woodside, oil prices will stay low for a period of several years.

    In the years to come could be used if we are talking about individual years and not periods, e.g. humanity will have to face difficult challenges in the years to come.


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    They do not mean the same. "In years to come" means "at some undetermined time in the future". "For years to come", however, means "continuing onward into the future from today until an unspecified time years later".