forage de captage



I have to make an abstract in english, but there are some technical words I don't know in english :

here is the sentence in french :

"les ouvrages de captage d'eau peuvent être des forages de captage , servant à exploiter la ressource en eau, des forages de rabattement ou des sytstèmes drainants".

The nuance is low, but ther is a difference between "ouvrages" and "forages". "Ouvrage" is more general , "forage de captage" is only to take the water (for drinking water supply etc.) , "forage de rabattement " and "système drainant" is to put away the water when it is embarassing.
I found the translation "drillings" for "forage", but I am not able to translate the other words

Thank you for the help.

Sorry, it is very technical

Have a good day

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