Forbidden fruit is the sweetest

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    I have seen the proverb "forbidden fruit is the sweetest" two different ways. The first being "Запретный плод сладким" and the second "Запретный плод сладок" Is one wrong? Or is one more commonly used than the other?
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    The first one is wrong while the second is correct. You may say запретный плод сладкий or запретный плод самый сладкий and be understood, but it sounds too colloquial and is not quite the clichе́.
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  3. Natalisha Senior Member

    We use the second one.

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  4. alimi New Member

    Правильный перевод
    "Запретный плод сладок"
    "запретный плод каков?" - сладок,
    но не
    "запретный плод какой[/i ]?" - сладкий.
    Смысл (нюанс) изменяется.

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