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Here's a passage from "The Bitter Drink" (biography of Veblen) in "The Big Money" by Dos Passos:from "The Bitter Drink" (biography of Veblen) in "The Big Money" by Dos Passos,
(Meanwhile the government found his books somewhat confusing. The postoffice was forbidding the mails to Imperial Germany and the Industrial Revolution* while propaganda agencies were sending it out to make people hate the Huns. Educators were denouncing The Nature of Peace while Washington experts were clipping phrases out of it to add to the Wilsonian smokescree.)
What I understand from above passage is that post office was forbidding the above book to be sent by mail. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

* "Imperial Germany and the Industrial Revolution" is one of Veblen's works published in 1915
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    You can read it as "forbidding the use of the mails to" the book, or at least to the publisher. The government, the "propaganda agencies," likely encountered no such obstacles when mailing it, on the other hand.
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