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Bonjour à tous, je suis en train de traduire mon CV en anglais, et j'aurai aimé connaître vos suggestions concernant "Force de proposition", car là j'avoue que je bloque...

Force de proposition dans le sens où j'aime être pro-actif, et formuler des propositions d'amélioration/ des recommandations (par rapport à un problème déterminé). En gros faire preuve de créativité face aux problèmes

J'espère que c'est plus clair...
Merci pour vos contributions!

Merci d'avance
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  • silwilhith

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    France (French speaker)


    I suspect we are here facing some kind of "probleme de culture". Although French HR managers are usually quite keen to pick up Anglo-Saxon HR expressions and translate them, regarding the lack of answers to previous posts, I wonder if it couldn't be "typically French" and not applicable to English skills... Just because everybody act like that! :eek:

    When Valmont says "Force de proposition" equals "To demonstrate his/her creativity when having issues to sort out", in New Zealand I think you could englobe that in "being a good/normal Kiwi". :)

    While on other hand, when I read adv requesting "Excellent communication skills", I recently discovered that it doesn't mean "be an expert in presentation at meetings or workshops" but more like "when you know something, please be kind to tell it". Which is useless to be precised in a French employment context. (see my post on "Rétention d'information" for detail)

    I mean while you are very good as a "Force de proposition" in France/Belgium, you are probably more a "Very good team player" in other countries.

    Does it make sense ?
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    Stefan Ivanovich

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    Force de proposition dans le sens où j'aime être pro-actif, et formuler des propositions d'amélioration/ des recommandations (par rapport à un problème déterminé). En gros faire preuve de créativité face aux problèmes
    Proactiveness, then!
    Buildig on silwilhith's post, we may want to say I am a solution-oriented, proactive team player, maybe.
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    Perfect if one doesn't mind abandoning one's integrity to management-speak, of course :)

    No, I'm joking, my CV is full of this sort of nonsense as well. But I do wonder what'll happen if ever I meet an HR manager who realizes that it's nonsense and asks, "And tell me, what do you mean by 'solutions-oriented', please?"

    Force de proposition sounds like it comes somewhere between 'Creativity' and 'being pro-active'.

    Maric Ol

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    Portugais brésilien

    Vous pouvez dire aussi "being proactive to increase productivity".
    "Proactive" comprend l'idée d'être capable d'anticiper les attentes, bien que l'idée de prendre l'initiative d'une situation ou action.


    English, America
    I've always used "initiative" or "take initiative" when talking about being proactive. Maybe that could be a good translation for "force de proposition"


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    I would like to know if anybody can give me some advice on translating this term. It is taken from an edition of an automotive equipment company's newsletter (the focus of the newsletter is purchasing). The term is taken from the following (part of an interview about suppliers):
    Sur ces productivités, est-ce que nos fournisseurs sont force de proposition ?
    Oui, nos fournisseurs sont mis à contribution à travers les Fiches de Suggestion Fournisseur, nos SPS (Supplier Productivity Suggestion).

    I am not sure ifthis is referring to the actual recruitment of suppliers or their proposals/offers..

    I would appreciate any help ;)


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    English (UK)
    Spécialistes des salons, les concierges seront heureux de répondre à toutes vos demandes, par exemple : modifier vos billets d’avion ou vos réservations d’hôtel, réserver des navettes ou des voitures de grande remise, trouver des interprètes, organiser un cocktail ou mettre en place un service de restauration sur stand, vous trouver les ressources d’appoint ou le matériel qui vous manquent.
    Ils sont également force de proposition pour organiser vos activités en prolongement du Salon : dîners d’affaires dans la capitale, soirées ou animations pour vos équipes…

    They can also act as a consulting team to help organise your post-Show activities???

    Jasmine tea

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    French - France
    Je pense qu'être "force de proposition" veut dire qu'ils sauront être très créatifs et donner des idées intéressantes pour organiser des......

    Mais je n'ai aucune idée de comment cela se dirait en anglais!



    "être force de propositions" signifie avoir la possibilité de faire des propositions qui seront prises en considérations, bien qu'il ne soit pas certain qu'elles soient entérinées. Cette expression s'emploie surtout, dans le cadre de réunions, pour décrire des personnes qui ne font pas réellement partie de la majorité, mais ne sont pas exclues du dialogue pour autant.

    Bonne journée

    Anna soror

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    French and France
    "Etre force de proposition" is very usual in the enterprise vocabulary. My best proposal is "to be proactive".

    Now the French sentence is a little bit weird because you can't be "force de proposition" for activities that will be requested to you unless the meaning is really that those people will be proactively offering/suggesting you evening activities. Otherwise, "consulting" conveys the right meaning.


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    English - USA
    In AE we often call a pro-active person a self-starter (you will often see this self-description in a CV).

    It specifically describes someone who doesn't wait to be told what to do next...


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    Hi there,

    I totally agree with your response. There is a wide cultural gap. Anglo-Saxons are pragmatic and will not refrain from naturally suggesting solutions -though they might seem "out-of-the-box". "Team playing" might in fact be as close as you can get in terms of translating "force de proposition". Unfortunately, team-playing in France usually means "playing with the team" not "for the team", so any awkward solution proposals are frowned upon by team members and individual motivation affected until the "force de proposition" dies out altogether.

    Although you're not giving a translation that many visitors might eagerly be looking after, your Kiwi perspective is spot on.

    Alex - Quality in Education


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    Hi all
    "Force de proposition" don't they (recruiting agencies) just love this word.... :eek:
    Ended up on this site as I was also looking for an English equivalent......
    The only suggestion I have, and I will use in my CV is Resourceful. This seems to encompass the Proposition (suggestion) and Force (strong).
    Comments of course are welcome.