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"said in a strong way that shows you are certain about something" This is from Longman Worldwise Dictionary for the entry "emphatic" . But I cannot understand how can something be said in a strong way. Would you like to articulate what "strong way" refers to? Example sentence of that source:She was very emphatic that she did not like him. Other example related to emphatic is: ""No way!" he said emphatically. "
In the above two sentences are "forceful" and "clear" synonyms of "emphatic" ? "She was very forceful/clear that she did not like him" and "No way he said clearly/forcefully" ?
"Stressed to the point of leaving no doubt;clear" Example sentence:"Her explanation was detailed, she was emphatic about the need to cut expenses."(Newbury House Dictionary). In the above sentence, is forceful synonym for "emphatic" (She was forceful about ...)

Thank you.
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    I'll answer part of this and perhaps you can follow up. An emphatic statement, response, assertion, riposte, reply, proposition, etc is one said forcefully. It is usually accompanied by "body language": eye contact, frowning, slowing the rhythm of speech, lowering the pitch and above all, not ending with rising tone. See or rather listen to, for example, politicians' "sound bites".
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