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Here would be is a link to a picture on Reuters.
There is a table with advertisement "Foreclosure Assistance tel. no." on a bench in front of a nice house.
I have checked the meaning of FORECLOSURE, its OK. However I cannot understand what this picture means. Who is offering assistance (a lawyer?) by that ads and to whom? An organisation like a bank has its own lawyers to put your house under the hammer if you are unable to pay your morgage.Who wants to give service to whom against whom?
Maybe the owner of the house is the target of the ads . The bank wants to get the house from the owner because the owner did not pay the morgage for a long time and the lawyers office wants to offer a service against the bank?

Thanks for any clue.
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    My guess, and it is only that, is that this house may have been placed on the market by the bank or other lender that is now doing the foreclosing.
    The advertisement has been placed by a lawyer or some other organisation that would like to act on the borrower's behalf to prevent the foreclosure (or perhaps help the borrower ensure that his interests are properly reflected in the forced sale).
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