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    Ooh, fond memories from my childhood of bacon pudding comes to mind!

    Suet puddings used to be a bit of a Sussex mainstay. One of its more famous dishes is the Sussex Pond Pudding.
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    A very rare example* when Czech retains the original plural form:

    hippie - hippies

    Hippie byl ... = The hippie was ...
    Hippies byli ... = The hippies were ...

    We say also informally hipík - hipíci (with the Czech suffix -ík, in plur. -íci) which is easily declinable in Czech (unlike hippie).

    *I do not count the already mentioned coincidences of plural forms in Czech and Latin/Greek:

    in masculine (plural ending -i like in Latin, -k is palatalized before -i):
    horník (miner) - horníci (miners)
    cynik - cynici
    scholastik - scholastici

    in neuter (plural ending -a like in Latin/Greek):
    jablko (apple) - jablka (apples)
    album - alba
    museum - musea
    paradoxon - paradoxa

    It is a mere happenstance (or maybe it has been inherited from Indo-European?).
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