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Hi! According the wordreference dictionary, the meanings are:
-Foremost: el más destacado /principal
-Uppermost: más importante.

In an exam there is the next exercise:

That is the advice from Britain´s ______ female engineers and scientists.

Two of the options are foremost and uppermost, and I don´t see any difference between them. I know that the answer is foremost, but I don´t know why, anybody knows?

Thank you
  • Chris K

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    "Uppermost" would refer to people or things that were highest.

    I left my glasses on the uppermost shelf; can you reach them?

    It's also used in a few special situations: "uppermost in my mind was the idea of finding water." For general purposes, with the meaning of "prominent," "foremost" is correct.


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    -Uppermost: más importante.
    As Chris says, that definition is not really correct, except in a few special cases in which importance is what is being measured for height.

    adj., highest in position, power, importance, etc.

    the uppermost branches of a tree
    the uppermost levels of society
    the uppermost quality in resorts
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